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  • John Bleasdale

    John Bleasdale

    A writer. 140 characters seems quite a lot though. http://www.thestudioexec.com

  • Gabriella Giliberti

    Gabriella Giliberti

    Film Critic . Writer . Scriptwriter | Bookaholic . Cinephile | Italian . Rome

  • Ashley Lynch

    Ashley Lynch

    Ashley is an independent filmmaker and post-production specialist based in Vancouver, BC. She also sometimes writes things. @ashleylynch

  • Giulia Blasi

    Giulia Blasi

    Writer, radio host and social media manager, not necessarily in that order. Nerd when it wasn’t cool. Bookworm.

  • Jacob Oller

    Jacob Oller

    Chicago-based writer/film critic for: The Guardian, VF, Playboy, Film School Rejects, Ebert, FilmStage, OK Gazette, Birth.Movies.Death. @Jacoboller on Twitter.

  • Antonio Moro

    Antonio Moro

    Creative director, tech blogger, vanilla nerd.

  • Davide Carenzi

    Davide Carenzi

    Innovative manager and entrepreneur with a profound passion for business. Founded companies that managed to bring togethether profit and ethics

  • Christopher Barrow

    Christopher Barrow

    Self-proclaimed writer since 2021

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